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Our Difference

Choosing The Right Agency

Selling your home is a big deal, and it's important to get it right. At Smitherson, we know that a "sold" sign isn't the final stop—it's just a step towards your next adventure. Our team values honesty, collaboration, efficiency, and great customer service. We're proud of what we do and will be with you every step of the way. We'll handle the sale of your home with care and attention, making sure you get the best results.

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Experience the Smitherson Way

At Smitherson, we believe real estate doesn’t have to be complicated. We take pride in keeping things simple, easy to understand, and jargon-free. Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions—keeping it simple.

Transparency is at the core of every transaction, whether you're buying or selling. We ensure clear and honest communication at every stage, so you’re always in the loop and never left with doubts. You’ll always have your finger on the pulse—keeping it simple.

Our strategy encompasses marketing, negotiation, and technology. Trust us to manage the process with our proven strategies, even in challenging markets. Sit back and relax while we handle the details and deliver results—keeping it simple.

We add a personal touch to your journey. You’ll have your dedicated agent from start to finish, ensuring consistency and personalised attention. It’s not just about your home; it’s about you—keeping it simple.


Our Focus on Marketing Strategy

At Smitherson, we know that effective marketing is key to a successful sale. We combine traditional and digital marketing to get your property in front of the right people. From online ads and social media campaigns to print ads and open houses, we cover all bases to ensure maximum visibility.

Digital and Traditional Marketing We use top-notch digital tools to reach a wide audience, including SEO, social media, and virtual tours. High-quality photography is at the heart of our strategy, ensuring your property stands out against the rest on the real estate digital platforms. At the same time, we value the power of traditional methods like print advertising and direct mail. This balanced approach ensures your property gets noticed both online and offline.

Personalised Strategies Every property is unique, and so is our marketing plan for it. We highlight the best features of your property to attract the right buyers. Whether it’s a luxury estate or a cozy home, our tailored strategies make sure your property stands out and sells quickly.



What is the best time of year to sell my home?

While it used to be that spring and early summer were the busiest times for selling homes, this has changed in recent years. Now, the best time to sell is whenever it suits you and your needs. At Smitherson, our agents are skilled at selling properties and getting the best price for you all year round. If you have a preference or if your home shines during a particular season, your agent will work with you to make the most of it.

How long will it take to sell my house?

The time it takes to sell a house can vary based on factors like market conditions, location, and the price of your home. On average, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Our team will work diligently to market your property and find the right buyer as quickly as possible while aiming to achieve the best price.

How should I prepare my home for sale?

Preparing your home for sale involves a few key steps:

• Declutter and Clean: Remove personal items and unnecessary clutter to make your
home appear more spacious and inviting.
• Repairs and Maintenance: Fix any minor repairs and ensure everything is in good
working order.
• Staging: Arrange furniture and decor to highlight your home's best features and create a
welcoming environment.
• Curb Appeal: Enhance your home's exterior with landscaping and minor improvements
to make a great first impression. Our agents can provide personalised advice on how to
best prepare your home for the market.

Who takes care of the Marketing arrangements?

At Smitherson, we handle all the marketing arrangements for you. Our team will develop a comprehensive marketing plan, which includes high-quality photography, virtual tours, online advertising, social media campaigns, print advertising, and more. We ensure your property gets maximum visibility to attract potential buyers.

What is a private Sale?

A private sale is when you sell your home by setting an asking price and negotiating directly with interested buyers. Unlike an auction, there's no set end date, so you have more flexibility to find the right buyer. This method is great if you prefer a more low-key and private selling process without the pressure of a set timeline.